About us

The strategic focus of CAFEi is built on creating consumer awareness, advocating for consumer protection and creating financial enlightenment. CAFEi’s focus on consumer awareness is to improve the comprehensive understanding by the consumer of their rights concerning available products and services being promoted. This involves promoting safety, choice, information, and the right to be heard.
Mission Statement

CAFEi’s mission statement is to engage in consumer advocacy and enlightenment by creating content that promotes greater awareness, empowers, educates, inspires and informs consumers about their rights and obligations.

Our Vision

To Enlighten and be a formidable voice for consumers.

Our Objectives

CAFEi’s primary objective is to aid consumers in making safe, accurate and informed decisions on goods and services in all facets, including the Banking and Finance industry. The organizations other objectives include:

  • Organizing, sponsoring, supporting and promoting seminars, events and debates for consumer awareness;
  • Establishing and promoting effective campaigns aimed at promoting awareness, participation and enlightenment of consumers;
  • Promoting and advocating for social responsibility and compliance by producers with their duties and responsibility towards consumers;
  • Promoting, gathering, collecting, analyzing, evaluating and disseminating consumer related information to both consumers and producers;
  • Conducting research to enable the organization provide accurate information on products, consumption analysis and brands;
  • Supplying any person with information and assistance required to enhance knowledge and understanding of financial management, finance sector and banking operations.

Expected Impact

The expected impact of CAFEi’s activities includes the following:

  1. Creating a platform by which a consumer feedback on products and services can be measured and determined.
  2. Utilizing existing dispute resolution mechanisms in resolving consumer complaints and grievances with suppliers of products and services.
  3. Create a medium for dissemination of information on products and services to the consumers to assist in making informed decisions.
  4. Getting Producers of goods and services to adhere to specific standards as ordered by government.